Shit you down

eleven years later
when should you take root?

Shit you down: Being a teenager

I want to give an honest and careful story about being a teenager, and how life can then go on. The images are as hard-handled as teenage feelings can be and are made in a span of 26 years but with focus on 2007 – 2008.

(“Shit you down” is a direct translation from swedish. It means “Fuck off”. But because of the “toilet theme” the word “shit” needs do be with it.)

Year 2007 – 2008, 2018 @ Sweden

Size 500/600 x 1 000/1 200 mm

Materials & process Inkprint. Printed digital images, process them, digitalize and printed again

The images have become a video work that was exhibited in 2018 at Lokomotiv Bollnäs and the photo festival SPEGLA in Sweden.