Making images is as sparkling as the stories we share with each other. I’m fascinated about human feelings; the combination (or collision) between joy and sadness, disgust and curiosity, distaste and surprise. Anger. Shame. Fear, that made (or makes) human survive.

( … ) all these feelings that we experience daily we encounter in Therese’s images which with a ruthlessness invite us to her image world where the humor takes an obvious place.

– SPEGLA, 2018 (translated from swedish to english)

/Therese Banström, based in Sweden

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Education; what I like

Art Science, Photography, The philosophy of photography & Image @ Akademin Valand, Biskops Arnö, Linnéuniversitetet, Uppsala Universitet, Karlstads Universitet & Jönköping University.

Digital design & marketing @ Berghs School of Communication och Högskolan Kristianstad.


SPEGLA fotofestival
Abecita Konstmuseum
Lokomotiv Bollnäs